Just Launched: Courage for Caregivers with Jamie Haith

Jamie Haith

We have just launched Courage for Caregivers with Jamie Haith For Individuals and For Groups.

There is an intimacy — a giving and receiving of love on its most basic level — to caring for people whose physical or mental states leave them unable to care for themselves. Caregivers sacrifice time, self-care, and mental and emotional energy. They watch care recipients lose the dignity of being able to do the simplest activities for themselves — reading books, remembering names, even using the bathroom alone. The work can be very painful, but it is also offers the caregiver an incredibly clear and direct opportunity to  to wash the feet of another person — to serve Christ in that person and be Christ for that person.

A caregiver’s work is often painful and exhausting because it requires watching a loved one suffer and (often) decline in health while offering little opportunity for self care. Sleep is interrupted. Challenges are endless. Caregivers often find themselves isolated. In this course, Jamie Haith compares caregiving to David’s battle with Goliath and discusses five spiritual “stones” that caregivers can bring to this battle: love, hope, joy, peace, and faith. He discusses the importance of each of these spiritual “stones” in helping caregivers do their work.

This course includes five lectures by Jamie Haith, a member of the clergy at Holy Trinity Church in McLean, VA. It also includes a resource list for caregivers to help them get the help that they need, opportunities for discussion, and suggestions for spiritual exercises that caregivers may find helpful. We hope that caregivers find help from this course as they continue to do the work of Christ for their loved ones.

For a preview of this course, please click here.


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