Use ChurchNext Classes to Enrich the Advent Season

Advent candlesWhen it comes to Advent, if your church needs it, ChurchNext most likely has a class on it. We have several courses that churches can use to enrich the Advent season. Here’s a short profile of each of these classes.


Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenck For Individuals and For Groups

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Do you have new parishioners who might not be sure what the Advent season celebrates or what activities it involves? The Rev. Tim Schenck has answers for them. In this course, participants will learn not just more about what Advent is, but how celebrating the Advent season can change our lives. For a preview of the course, click here.

Advent for Families with Heath Howe For Individuals and For Groups

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Do you want to explore ways to celebrate Advent with your family and teach your kids about Advent? The Rev. Heath Howe can give you some great ideas, both about creative ways to celebrate Advent as a family and ways to resist the consumerism that characterizes the holiday season. Preview the course here.

Advent: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year For Individuals and For Groups

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Experiencing the familiar frustration of trying to walk the line between the secular Christmas frenzy of December and the self-denial associated with a Christian Advent? Let Bishop Susan Goff advise you in her course. In this course, Susan invites us to take on some practical and inspiring disciplines in this season and to contemplate more fully what it truly means to prepare and anticipate the coming of Christ. For a preview of this course, please click here.

A 7-Week Advent with Stephen Smith For Individuals and For Groups

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Do you sometimes feel like you miss out on Advent entirely what with all the seasonal excitement of December? Try the Rev. Stephen Smith’s class on practicing Advent for seven weeks. His church found spiritual benefit from taking this approach. For a preview of Stephen’s class, click here.

We hope that these courses help you as your community anticipates the coming of Christ into the world, and we hope that you all experience a holy and blessed Advent season.