Our Story

We’re out to change your life.

There we said it. At ChurchNext we’re passionate about helping you learn and want to help you go deeper. Our learning model has a bias and we want to admit it out front so that you understand exactly what you’re getting into.

D Lose NewFirst, we believe in learning from great teachers. We’ve worked really hard to find the best instructors we can, to present inspiring ideas and concepts from a mainline perspective that can help you become better informed about your faith. Gifted theologians like David Lose and Brian McLaren give us deep insights into relevant topics, and combined with quizzes, discussion questions, and downloads, we believe that hearing the lectures and reading the materials makes us better informed and more mature in our faith.

Second, we believe in learning actively and socially.  We want you to get into discussions with other students, sharing ideas, debating points, and offering insights. That’s why classes are laced with interactive components – and why half of our courses are specifically designed to be used in group settings. This is also why we provide downloadable discussion questions and synopses at the end of each course. We want you to get together in conversation, online and in person. Social interaction is built into the expectations we have of you as a student. ChurchNext isn’t just a technology platform, it’s a learning ecosystem brought to life by your engagement.

Finally, we believe that God is in this. Therefore, the studies undertaken often have a transforming effect. We believe that the very act of drawing nearer to God brings God nearer to us. Students often contact us to share the inspiration gained from taking classes – which our team can attest to simply by putting these courses together.

So you’ve been duly warned. You are not only signing up to learn from the best, but to engage with others, and to delve into the mystery that God transforms seeking hearts. We are delighted to be with you on the journey.

The Team

C Yaw Cartoon

The Rev. Chris Yaw, MDiv, ThM, Founder

Chris is an Episcopal priest who started ChurchNext for his church. He serves a congregation in Michigan. Connect with Chris on Twitter or LinkedIn.



L Brignac Cartoon

Liz Brignac, MA, Course Designer and Producer

Elizabeth Brignac is a freelance writer from Cary, NC who has always enjoyed learning about the world through writing about it. She writes and produces many of our courses and is an active member of The Church of the Holy Family in Chapel Hill, NC.
Email liz (at) churchnext (dot) tv

Christina Dorn, Customer Happiness Specialist

An educator specializing in Christian Formation and Communications for her parish and diocese, Christina has a passion for helping ChurchNext subscribers make the most of their online school.
Email: christina (at) churchnext (dot) tv


Ashley Denham Busse, PhD, Course Design

Ashley is an educator, author, and active church member who is passionate about lifelong learning and spiritual growth.  She has written and produced many of our courses and attends St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palm Gardens, Florida.


K Henry CartoonKaren Robertson Henry, Course Design and Administration

Karen is a writer and producer well versed in academic administration and support services. Karen has a passion for bringing educational resources to others.
Email: karen (at) churchnext (dot) tv


S Kelly CartoonThe Rev. Shannon Kelly, DMin (Candidate), Content Design Consultant

Shannon is an author, digital formation curator, and consultant who has done much to shape course content and direction for ChurchNext. Shannon’s passion and ministry is lifelong formation with an emphasis on children, youth, and families. Connect with Shannon on Twitter or LinkedIn


J Lytle CartoonJulie Lytle, PhD, Curriculum Design Consultant

Julie is an author, theological educator, gifted advisor, and distributed learning consultant. She’s deeply interested in the dynamic power of digital media to form, inform, and transform Christian community.
Connect with Julie on Twitter or LinkedIn.


S Cook CartoonSally Cook, Intern

Sally Cook has extensive experience in adult learning principles for physician professional development and volunteers for ChurchNext because she wanted to build her competency with Learning Management Systems.  She is a member of The Falls Church Episcopal, Falls Church, VA www.thefallschurch.org

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