Here are some great resources for congregations looking to learn more and spread the word about their online schools. Here you’ll find: photos, logos, bulletin inserts, and a host of media aimed at helping you build and publicize your ChurchNext school:

Download the Getting Started Manual for Congregations

Click here for a sample: Online Christian Learning Bulletin Insert in color or in black and white

Click here to see a sample web page: Designing a Web Invitation

Click here to download a PowerPoint Presentation: Introducing ChurchNext to a Congregation

Click here for a PNG: ChurchNext Banner Logo (color)

Click here for a JPEG: ChurchNext Image (black and white)

Click here for a JPEG: Laptop Photo (black and white)

Click here to see a sample website invitation from St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, River Falls, WI

Here are a couple of logos you can download: