Just Launched: How to Be an Usher with Tim Spannaus

We just launched How to Be an Usher with Tim Spannaus For Individuals and For Groups.

The role of church usher marries hospitality with practicality. It is a ministry for people who want to welcome people and make the worship experience easy and pleasant for them, especially newcomers. Ushers are so useful that even before the position was formalized, the church had people appointed to various usher-like roles, facilitating worship and assisting people.

In this course, Tim Spannaus, Archdeacon at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul in Detroit, who has taught about the Episcopal liturgy for many years, teaches about best practices for ushers. He describes the role of ushers as, more than anything else, a role of hospitality, especially in relation to newcomers. Ushers are the first faces people who are new to a church often see, and it is their job to reach out to these people, answer their questions, and troubleshoot if necessary.

In this course, Tim talks about the biblical and historical role of church ushers. He describes the duties of an usher, and also discusses some of the extended duties ushers may expect to take on in their roles.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in serving as an usher or who wants to think about the role the ushers should take at their church. For a preview, please click below.