Just Launched: Updated Version of Praying with Icons with Randall Warren

This Byzantine icon of Christ Pantocrator (“Ruler of All”) is one of the earliest Christian religious icons, dating back to the 6th century C.E. Public domain.


We just launched an updated version of Praying with Icons with Randall Warren For Individuals and For Groups.

Icons are windows to the divine. Not merely beautiful works of art, they are prayerfully painted (or, more properly, “written”) reflections of God’s beauty and radiance. Though many of us close our eyes when we pray, icons offer an alternative form of prayer, one in which our eyes are wide open to God’s glory. What we see in an icon imprints itself on our heart, carving new pathways in our minds and souls to God.

In this course, The Rev. Dr. Randall Warren, an author, teacher, and priest, introduces us to the ancient and sacred practice of praying with icons. He discusses the reasons for their creation and use, the fraught history of icons in the Western Christian Church, and then offers some guidance on how to pray with icons in our own devotions. Along the way, he walks us through several beautiful and famous icons, teaching us some of their most prominent symbols and meanings.

If you are interested in learning more about icons, in enhancing your prayer life, or in finding new ways to encounter and relate with God, this course is for you. For a preview of the course, please click below.


Just Launched: Updated Version of Advent for Families with Heath Howe

We just launched an updated version of Advent for Families with Heath Howe For Individuals and For Groups.

About the Course

The Season of Advent may be the one time during the entire year designed for us to stop — to reflect, wait, be truly still. Advent for Families offers ideas for intentionally and peacefully celebrating this liturgical season, in ways that embrace the joy and fun of the holiday season without losing sight of the real meaning of Christ’s nativity.

Advent teaches us how to model faithful observance for our children without having to reject popular culture entirely.  The Rev. Heath Howe, rector of Church of the Holy Comforter in Kenilworth, Illinois, offers ways to incorporate parties, cookie-baking, and the magic of Santa Claus into a time of preparation and spiritual growth.

The Rev. Heath Howe

Each of the four lessons in this course teaches us about Advent–its significance, meaning, and rituals–while offering concrete practices for its commemoration. We learn about Advent wreaths and calendars, ways to bring Advent into our daily lives and homes, and themes to focus on as we prepare our hearts and lives for Christ’s birth. This course is one that will help families find greater joy and peace in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and offers opportunities for lifelong learning and growth.

What Does “Updated” Mean?

Just as books with high-quality content need to be updated occasionally, some of our earlier courses do as well. When we relaunch a course, that means we have reviewed its video content and find that it remains strong and relevant, but the accompanying materials (introductions, discussion questions, supporting materials) could benefit from an update, either to remain consistent with what we’re doing now in terms of style or content or because references we made might have started to feel dated. When we find a good course that needs a little routine maintenance, we update it and re-launch it so you know it’s been reviewed and revised to remain current and helpful.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this unique Advent offering. The course is ideal for families and children’s ministries. For a course preview, please click below.