ChurchNext launches new courses every month.  Here’s a list of those currently available. Just click on the class for more information.

Bible Study
animate: Bible 1 with Eric Elnes, Phyllis Tickle, and Rachel Held Evans
animate: Bible 2 with Nadia Bolz-Weber and Jose Morales
animate: Bible 3 with William Willimon and Jay Bakker
animate: Practices 1 with Brian McLaren and Sara Miles
animate: Practices 2 with Mike Slaughter and Phyllis Tickle
animate: Practices 3 with Shane Claiborne, Enuma Okoro, and Doug Pagitt
Approaching Scripture with Vicki Garvey
Biblical Fracking with Frank Wade
Getting More Out of the Bible with Justin Welby
Introduction to the Bible with Marek Zabriskie
Introducing the Psalms with Isaac Everett
Introducing the Gospels with Michael Card
Introduction to St. Paul with George Guthrie
Introduction to Matthew with Katy Valentine
Introduction to Mark with David Lose
Introduction to Luke with John Lewis
Introduction to John with Karoline Lewis
Introduction to Revelation with Wayne Whitney
Violence, Myth, and Scripture with Suzanne Ross
Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Conflict with Padraig O Tuama
Survey of the Apocrypha 1 with Vicki Garvey
Survey of the Apocrypha 2 with Vicki Garvey
Survey of the Apocrypha 3 with Vicki Garvey
Survey of the Apocrypha 4 with Vicki Garvey

Biblical Storytelling
Biblical Storytelling: The Feeding of the 5000 with Kathy Culmer

The Book of Common Prayer
An American Prayer Book, A Global Prayer Book with Tom Ferguson
The Spirituality of The Book of Common Prayer with Karl Ruttan
English Origins of The Book of Common Prayer with John Dally
Scripture and The Prayer Book with Roger Ferlo
Creeds and Commitments of The Prayer Book with Jason Fout
Praying the Collects with Ellen Wondra
Crossing Thresholds with Roger Ferlo and Suzann Holding
Singing the Prayer Book with Milner Seifert

Church Management
What Every Vestry Needs to Know about Money
Growing Giving in an Online World with Kristine Miller
Ministering with Millennials with Katie Nakamura Rengers
Small Groups that Work with Kate Wesch

My Church Is Not Dying with Greg Garrett
Digital Strategies for Churches with Kyle Oliver
Building a Spiritually Mature Congregation with Thomas Bergler
How to Run a Vacation Bible School with Dorothy Linthicum
Hybrid Ministry that Makes Sense with Ryan Panzer
Introducing Stewardship with Kristine Miller
Introduction to Church Marketing with Jake Dell
Introducing the Altar Guild with Hobey Hinchman
TREC 1: Reimagining Church Leadership
TREC 2: Mission and Leadership
TREC 3: Culture and Leadership
Deepening the Spirituality of Your Congregation with Graham Standish
Welcoming Visitors with Elizabeth Geitz
Re-Inventing Your Church Board with Dan Hotchkiss
Vestry Team-Building and Conflict with Bill Carroll 
Understanding Vestry Finances with Tom Post
The Vestry Journey with Van Sheets
Vision and the Vestry with Charles Robertson
What Vibrant Congregations Do with Mike Durall
What Bishops Do with Kirk Smith
Five Keys to Renewing Your Congregation with Jay Sidebotham
How to Promote Your Church with Nicole Krug
Radical Sending with Demi Prentiss
Stopping Harassment and Creating Cultures of Respect with Gretchen Carlson and Robin Hammeal-Urban

Speaking Our Faith with Kit Carlson
Make Me an Instrument of Peace: A Guide to Civil Discourse
A Spring in the Desert with Frank and Victoria Logue
With Gladness: 5 Weeks of Holy Practices for Disciples with Christopher Martin
Global Philanthropy Leaders Curriculum with Rich Stein
Each Other’s Keeper with Marc Smith
Understanding Systemic Racism with Ivy Forsythe-Brown and Thomas Ferguson

The Episcopal Tradition with Frank Wade
Introducing Episcopal Worship with James Hamilton
Walk in Love Part 1: The Sacramental Journey with Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe
Walk in Love Part 2: Marking Time with Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe
Walk in Love Part 3: Basic Beliefs with Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe
Walk in Love Part 4: The Church with Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe
Walk in Love Part 5: The Trinitarian Life with Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe
The Baptist Tradition with Amy Butler
The Lutheran Tradition with Mark Tranvik
Martin Luther: Seeds of Reformation with Alec Ryrie
Martin Luther: Here I Stand with Alec Ryrie
Introducing Lutheran Worship with Don Kreiss
The Presbyterian Tradition with Graham Standish
The Methodist Tradition with Jason Byassee
What Would Luther Do Today with Elizabeth Eaton
Leading Up to Lambeth 2021 with Charles Robertson

Raising Resliient Children with Amelia Dress
Courage for Caregivers with Jamie Haith
Start a Family Devotional Time with Anne Kitch
Family Faith Formation with John Roberto
Holy Habits for Children with Valerie Hess
How to Be a Godparent with Nancy McLaughlin
Spiritual Roots of Loving Parenting with Holly and Scott Stoner
Handling Strong Willed Children with Jerome Price
Advent for Families with Heath Howe
Lent for Families with Kim Baker
Reimagining Childrens and Youth Ministry with Faith Forward
The Spirituality of Children with Catherine Maresca
Preparing for Infant and Children’s Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Anne Kitch

Handling the Household Budget with Timothy Dombek
Handling Credit Cards and Debt with Timothy Dombek
Handling Retirement and Savings with Timothy Dombek
Handling Church and Charity with Timothy Dombek

Make a Joyful Noise: How to Sing a Hymn with Jackie Stilger
The Ministry of Stained Glass with Jackie King

Introducing the Washington National Cathedral with Randy Hollerith

Ministry with Flowers with Linda Roeckelein
Finding the Resurrected Jesus with Susan Goff
Lay Eucharistic Ministry 101 with Susan Anslow Williams
Reading and Praying in Church: The Office of Lector with Tim Spannaus
Holy Hardware with Deon Johnson
Eucharistic Visitation with Tim Spannaus
Holy Communion 101 with James Hamilton
Introducing Christian Baptism with Anne Kitch
Adult Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Anne Kitch
Preparing for Infant and Children’s Baptism in the Episcopal Church with Anne Kitch
Bringing Worship to Life with Dent Davidson
From Palace to Public Square: The Way of Love with Michael Curry
Designing Liturgy with Rosemarie Logan Duncan
Music and Liturgy with Michael McCarthy
The Ministry of Acolytes 1: A New Order with Roger Speer and Sharon Pearson
The Ministry of Acolytes 2: How We Worship with Roger Speer and Sharon Pearson
The Ministry of Acolytes 3: Artifacts and Movements with Roger Speer and Sharon Pearson
The Ministry of Acolytes 4: Tribal Ministry with Roger Speer and Sharon Pearson
The Ministry of Acolytes 5: An Acolyte’s Way of Life with Roger Speer and Sharon Pearson
An Instructed Liturgy with Furman Buchanan
Including Children in Worship with Angela Nelson
Teaching Faith with Minecraft with Elizabeth Brignac

Congregations as Sanctuaries with Paul Perez
How to Share Your Faith with John Bowen
Radical Welcoming with Stephanie Sellers

Redemptive Charity with Robert Lupton
Welcoming Visitors with Elizabeth Geitz
What is Christian Mission? with Ian Douglas
How to Partner with Your Local School with All Our Children
Metro Theology with Chip Graves
New Models of Mission with David Copley
Yes, We’re All Called to Mission with Kate Gillooly
Learning from London with Jason Fout

Developing a Rule of Life with Hillary Raining
How to Pray Online with Katherine Rose
How to Pray with Christopher Martin
Introducing Benedictine Spirituality with Laurel Dahill
Prayer and Worship in Our Homes
Praying in Color with Sybil MacBeth
Praying the Examen with Chris Anderson
Praying the Stations of  the Cross with Kathrin Burleson
Praying with African American Spirituals with Mark Bozzuti-Jones
Praying with English Mystics with Daniel London
Praying with Icons with Randall Warren
Praying with Poetry with Dave Worster
Praying with Saints with Scott Gunn and Tim Schenck
Praying with Visual Art with Roger Hutchison
The Anglican Rosary with Suzanne Edwards-Acton
Three Prayers You’ll Want to Pray with George DonigianW

Is My Loved One Addicted? with Jonathan Benz
Finding God in Divorce with Carolyne Call

Healthy Relationships for Couples with Holly and Scott Stoner
How to Deal with Difficult People with Peter Steinke
How to Help a Sick Friend with Joyce Mercer
How to Forgive with Virginia Holeman
Introduction to Christian Marriage with Paul Walters
Overcoming Sex Addiction with Mark Laaser
Practical Forgiveness with Rob Voyle
How Pets Connect Us with God

Self Care
Surviving Moral Injury: When You Accidentally Hurt or Harm Someone with David Peters
A Covid-19 Spiritual Survival Kit
Being Single, Staying Faithful with Beth Knobbe
Don’t Fear Death! with Tom Krell
Grace and Depression with Roger Hirschfeld
Grieving Well with Andrew Gerns
Growing Old with Grace (Not Glamour) with Barbara Crafton
Handling the Work / Life Balance with David Gray
Healing Spiritual Wounds with Carol Howard Merritt
How to Simplify Your Life with Mark Scandrette

How to Take a Sabbath with MaryAnn McKibben Dana
Redeeming Dementia with Dorothy Linthicum
Slaying Your Goliath with John Ohmer
Stop Worrying! with Teri Racey
The Living Diet with Martha Tatarnic
Your Faith Can Make You Well with Scott Stoner

Social Justice
Bridging the Political Divide with Parker Palmer
A Christian Response to Gun Violence with Eugene Sutton and Ian Douglas
Christians and Climate Change with Bill McKibben
Citizenship as a Spiritual Calling with Richard Hoehn
Civil Conversations in Uncivil Times with Ray Suarez
Creating Common Good 1: Economic Inequality and Injustice with Bp. Julio Murray
Creating Common Good 2: Christian Responsibility with Rachel Held Evans
Creating Common Good 3: Educational Inequality with Nicole Baker Fulgham
Creating Common Good 4: A Christian Response with Justin Welby
Dynamics of Helping the Poor with Lee Anne Reat
Gleaning Today: Conserving Fresh Food for Hungry People with Michael Binger
How to Organize for Justice with Kayla Gilchrist
Introducing Christian Vegetarianism with Steve Kaufman
Modern-Day Slavery with Richard Lee
Reparation and Racial Justice with Jennifer Harvey
Racism and Racial Justice with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Responding to Refugees with Alison Duvall

Spirituality and Racial Justice with Michael Curry
Spiritual Truth in an Age of Fake News with Elizabeth Geitz and Rebecca Cotton
Talking About Same Gender Unions with Jeffrey Lee
Theology and Racial Justice with J. Kameron Carter
Water and Justice with Fletcher Harper
Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas

Mr. Rogers’ Simple Faith with Westina Matthews
Preparing for Pilgrimage with Sally French
How to Become a Christian with Scott Gunn
Holy Yoga with Allison LaBianca 
Everyday Spiritual Practices with Keith Anderson
Living a Spiritual Life with Mary Gray-Reeves
How to Discern God’s Will with Ruth Haley Barton
Developing Christian Patience with Jeff Bullock
Discovering a Practice of Prayer with Rhonda Mawhood Lee
Finding the Resurrected Jesus with Susan Goff
How to Be a Crazy Christian with Michael Curry
Animate Faith Part 1 with Brian McLaren, Mark Scandrette, Lillian Daniels
Animate Faith Part 2 with Shane Hipps and Nadia Bolz-Weber
Animate Faith Part 3 with Lauren Winner and Bruce Reyes-Chow
Living a Spirit-Filled Life with Alberto Cutie
Lessons in Belonging with Erin S. Lane
A Simple Path to a Deeper Spiritual Life with Becca Stevens
Spirituality and Gardening with Christine Sine
Introducing Spiritual Direction with Michelle Dayton
Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connections Between Coffee and Faith with Tim Schenck
How to Play…Like God with Christine Sine
Walking the Labyrinth with Mel Soriano
Dreams and Divinity: What Our Dreams Can Tell Us About God with Carrie Graves
Contemplative Knitting with Julie Ciccora
Developing a Rule of Life with Hilary Raining

The Christian Year
Advent: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Susan Goff
A 7-Week Advent with Stephen Smith
Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenck
Advent for Families with Heath Howe
Introduction to Epiphany with Sharon Pearson
Introduction to Lent with Maggie Dawn
Lent for Families with Kim Baker

Theology and Church History
Mary in the Anglican Tradition with Jeff Queen
Angels in Artwork with Scott Brown
Meditating on Angels with Kate Moorehead
Faithful Dissent: Loving Our Way into a Brighter Tomorrow with Ed Bacon and Stanley Hauerwas
Who Is Jesus? with Jason Fout

Introduction to Church History with Eric Williams
Jesus at Twelve with Chris Stepien
Making Sense of the Cross Part I with David Lose
Making Sense of the Cross Part II with David Lose
Making Sense of the Cross Part III with David Lose
How to Share Your Christian Faith with John Bowen
Exploring Hell with Seth Carey
What is Resurrection? with Lucas Mix
My Take on the Trinity with Wayne Jacobsen

Why Does God Get Angry? with Rolf Jacobsen
Why I’m Not an Atheist with Frank Schaeffer
When We Get Angry with God with Laurie Brock
Why Suffering? with Ian Markham

World Religions
Introducing Islam with Mustapha Elturk
Introducing Judaism with Joseph Krakoff
The Roman Catholic Tradition with William Farris

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