Classes To Help Your Congregation Through Troubled Times


During these difficult times, when so many people are angry, grieving, and fearful, many churches are in the process of considering what resources that they can offer to help their congregations persevere. What can we offer congregations that can help us act as God wants us to, especially in times of strife and contention?

This post is mainly for churches with ChurchNext subscriptions as you consider what resources you have to offer. The following courses might be particularly helpful at this time for groups or individuals in your congregation:

Social Justice:
We have many social justice classes, but we believe that these courses can help Christians refugee-1strive for social justice in areas that are particularly relevant today:
Responding to Refugees: Allison Duvall from Episcopal Migration Ministries offers Christians specific ideas about how to help refugees in the U.S. — obviously, a particularly vulnerable group at present.
Spirituality and Racial Justice: Presiding Bishop Michael Curry offers ideas about how and why Christians are called to pursue racial justice.
Racism and Racial Justice: Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva of Duke University educates participants about the history of race and how “colorblind” racism makes itself evident in today’s culture.

Reaching Out Across Divisions:
Radical Welcoming
: The Rev. Stephanie Spellers discusses new and exciting ways in which the church can reach out into the community — and particularly to the community’s most frequently overlooked members.
Bridging the Political Divide: Respected theologian and author Parker Palmer offers guidance on how to talk productively with people who disagree with us on political issues.

Educating Ourselves:
Introducing Islam: Imam Mustapha Elturk helps introduce people to what Islam is actually about. Learning about the Islamic faith from an Islamic spiritual leader can help people separate fact from fiction as we discuss the ban on refugees and immigrants from predominately Muslim nations.

Spiritual Strength and Healing:
Radical Sending
: Demi Prentiss discusses the church’s role as a “base camp” — giving us prayerthe strength and spiritual refreshment to enable us to do God’s work in the world.
Everyday Spiritual Practices: The Rev. Keith Anderson offers guidance on daily activities that can enrich our spiritual lives — a type of self-care that we need more in times of trouble.
Practical Forgiveness: Rob Voyle suggests practical ways to forgive people with whom we are very angry.
How to Pray Online: We’re spending a lot of our time online fuming. Why not spend some time online praying and meditating and enjoying spiritual community with others? In this class, Karekin Yarian shows ways to use the internet to facilitate prayer and healthy spirituality.

We hope that these courses will help as you and your congregation navigate your way, with God’s guidance, through this troubled period in our nation’s history. We hope they help. May the peace of the Lord be always with you.







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