Just Launched: Speaking Our Faith with Kit Carlson

This week, ChurchNext has brought you something new: not just a class, but a full k-carlson-newcurriculum on ways that Christians can learn to communicate about faith. It’s called Speaking Our Faith™, and it is taught by Kit Carlson, an author, pastor, and Episcopal priest who has spent years studying the fundamentals of faith discovery and communication in mainline Christian communities.


5 sessions, 5 weeks of Lent — It can’t be a coincidence!

Speaking Our Faith™ is designed to be taught in five 90-minute group sessions. Each session includes prayer, a video by Kit Carlson, discussion opportunities and handouts designed by Kit to work with her videos, and opportunities to practice developing your skills between sessions.

Churches may use this curriculum in a number of settings, including adult education or adult forum, Lenten prayer or study groups, or in an independent study group. One church had the idea of using it in small groups in people’s homes along with potluck dinners to build community in the church while enjoying focused conversation.

Speaking Our Faith™ is available for purchase for $99 per congregation or $49 for subscribing ChurchNext congregations. For more information, please click here.

At a time when communicating Christ’s message of love and hope has become particularly important in our country, we hope that you will consider using this curriculum to help your congregation talk productively about faith.For a preview, please click here.




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