Online Opportunities for Christian Involvement In the Coming Days

Today and tomorrow, Christians may wish to reach out to fellow Christians or to the wider community as our nation navigates its way through a time of deep anger, division, and confusion. Digital technology has made new kinds of community involvement possible.

Here are some resources for Christians who wish to participate in online community events in the coming days.


Repairers of the Breach has a day of “self-purification, prayer, and fasting” scheduled for today, with a list of activities in which people may participate at home. At scheduled times, participants may pray with others, meditate, read suggested materials, listen to music, watch videos, and watch/listen to sermons by the Rev. William Barber. Participate¬†here. Also, you may find that the links to individual videos and sermons on this page are useful even if you don’t want to participate in the full day of activities.

If you want to march but you can’t participate in person, join the Disability March, a virtual march designed for people with disabilities or illnesses who cannot join protests in body.

Sojourners has a page for Christians who plan to march this weekend (physically or in spirit) to come together to pray and communicate with each other about why they are marching.

If you know of other online resources for Christians who wish to get involved today and over the weekend, please comment. We would love to share them.


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