6 Ways to Help Others by Doing Things You Already Do

so-wait-i-have-to-get-up-to-do-this-stuff-2Do you wake up and do stuff every day? If so, you can most likely support charities of your choice while doing that stuff — even while doing things that you wouldn’t think people would donate money for, like walking your dog or buying ramen.

Here are six activities that, if you do them right, can make the world a better place.

  1. Walking Around: Use the Charity Miles app on your phone when you exercise, hike, or even just walk your dog around the block. The app is free, and it tracks how far you go and donates money to your choice of 40 different charities for every mile you cover– 10 cents per mile that you bike; 25 cents per mile that you walk or run.
  2. Searching the Internet: Use the Goodsearch or Giftfluence sites or the Tab for a Cause app for your internet searches.They work like regular search engines, but they will donate money to a charity of your choice each time you search. The first two have connected programs that donate money to the same charity for online purchases that you make.
  3. Buying Stuff: If you use Amazon for online purchases, consider signing up for Amazon Smile. You keep your same account information and benefits, but they will also donate money to the charity of your choice when you make purchases.
  4. Playing online games: If you play games at FreeRice.com, for every question you get im-doing-it-for-the-puppiesright, 10 grains of rice  will be donated to the World Food Programme to combat hunger across the globe. Animal lovers can play games at Freekibble.com and donate food to animal shelters with every question answered.
  5. Having insurance: You don’t even have to get out of bed for this one as long as the roof you’re napping under is insured. Givesurance  works with insurance companies to turn part of your insurance premium into a charitable donation. Sign up for free to register your insurance policy with them.
  6. Grocery Shopping: Many grocery stores partner with nonprofits or charities and donate money when customers make purchases. Harris Teeter, for example, allows each customer to register a local school when signing up for the customer rewards program and donates money to that school for every purchase the customer makes. Winn-Dixie donates to Feeding America when customers buy bread. See whether your grocery store has a charitable giving program of some kind and sign up if necessary.

Do you know other ways that people can give to charity while doing ordinary, daily activities? Please comment; we’d like to share them.

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