Just Launched: How to Market Your Church with Nicole Krug


If you have been wondering what your church might do to reach out into the community, begin exploring this topic with Nicole Krug’s How To Market Your Church For Individuals and For Groups.

The word “marketing” can conjure up images of false shine — bright advertisements and impossibly attractive actors. Most of us don’t associate such commercial notions with the Christian experience as we know it. Nor should we. In this class, Nicole Krug introduces church marketing to people who are new to the process as a way of helping a church reach out into the local community and introduce itself, with genuine warmth and without false promises or sales pitches.

Times have changed, and people don’t always enter church pews on Sunday mornings as a matter of course. Churches, therefore, need to enter the community to let people know what they are about. For this reason, churches now need marketing strategies to introduce themselves to their local communities.

In this class, Nicole Krug, Canon for Media and Communications with the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, teaches churches how to use event planning at the church to reach out into the community. She teaches how to use social media and electronic communications to support the parish and open the church to newcomers. Finally, she suggests ways that churches might work with local media to enter the conversation about relevant topics of the day.

If you would like to learn more about church marketing, this class is for you. To learn more about it, please click below.

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