Just Launched:Five Keys to Renewing Your Congregation with Jay Sidebotham

If you would like to bring a new energy to your congregation or work with  your members to pursue deeper spirituality, you should take our new course, Five Keys to Renewing Your Congregation with Jay Sidebotham For Individuals and For Groups.

The Rev. Jay Sidebotham directs RenewalWorks, a Forward Movement ministry designed to help churches lead their congregations and their members into more profound Christian discipleship. He is well-known also for his humorous cartoons about Episcopal Church parish life. (Fun fact about Jay: Before his call to the priesthood, he was an animator and illustrator. Some of you may remember his work from childhood Saturday morning t.v. — Jay animated Schoolhouse Rock!)

In his work, Jay has researched and worked with many churches, guiding them into learning how to lead their parishes and members into doing the work that is needed for deepening their spiritual lives. In this class, he offers five main ideas for approaches that churches can take in helping their congregations and members deepen their relationship with and understanding of God.

Jay argues that church leaders need to encourage members to take ownership of their spiritual journeys. He offers ideas about encouraging the church as a whole and individuals within the church to examine their lives; what creates spiritual growth and what stagnates it. He discusses ways for church leaders to bring Scripture into the church’s activities and to encourage members practice discipleship outside the church walls. Finally, he examines the leadership qualities that characterize the most effective spiritual leaders.

We hope that this class helps you as you discern about how to lead your church into spiritual renewal. To learn more about the class, please click below.

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