Our New Offering

We have added a new element to our ChurchNext ministry. In addition to courses to which people may subscribe, we have begun offering short videos highlighting some of our instructors’ insights. There is no charge for these offerings. With these videos, we hope to give people short, meditative moments — ideas on which they can muse and pray, whether or not they subscribe to the classes.

We have published three of these videos so far, each less than two minutes long. In our most recent video, Allison LaBianca discusses what it means for her to pray with the body as well as with the mind and heart.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 10.56.47

In this one, Demi Prentiss offers a perspective on church as a “base camp” — a place to rest and replenish ourselves before we go back to our work as Christians in the world.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 10.55.31

In this one, Mike Durall discusses spiritual changes as “bends” in the wire of our spiritual lives.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 10.57.59

We believe in Christian education, of course, but like Demi Prentiss, we also believe in refreshment of the spirit. Like Mike Durall, we want to offer new life to people’s spiritual lives as well as new ideas.

We hope these videos refresh you and energize you as you continue our shared work of sharing Christ’s peace with the world.



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