Just Launched: What Vibrant Congregations Do with Mike Durall

We have just launched What Vibrant Congregations Do with Mike Durall For Individuals and For Groups. Mike’s class is based on the premise,”It is in giving that we receive.” In the world, this principle is often counter-intuitive, but in the church, it shouldn’t be. Churches that need energy, members, money (or all of these) infused into their parishes need to spend energy and money on the mission of the church: spreading the word of God and caring for others. In doing so, they will gain what they need in order to thrive.

When the rubber meets the road, this practice can become difficult to the point of being alarming. How can a church that is worried about keeping the lights on choose to devote more money to outreach? Why would a church that is short on members risk scaring newcomers away by creating a parish life that expects active contributions of time and money from its members?

Mike’s answer lies in the hearts of people who seek out the Christian life. We are called to ministry. We join churches because we want a deeper connection with God and to act as Christ’s body in the world. In spending money and energy on outreach and mission work; in being adventurous and creative as we engage these ministries, we create churches that feed this deep need.

In this class, Mike Durall, principal consultant for the CommonWealth Consulting Group, in which capacity he works with congregations from many mainline Christian denominations, explains what congregations need to do to bring energy and life into their parishes.

For a preview of Mike’s class, please click below.

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