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On Sunday, we launched Radical Sending with Demi Prentiss For Individuals and For Groups. The mission of radical sending is, as Demi Prentiss discusses here, to consider our church the base camp, where we get nourishment and rest. Our work, she argues, is done out in the world, and our churches’ focus should be on equipping us to do that work.

If you’re interested in the concept of radical sending or in ideas related to vocation, you should investigate the website for theĀ Theology of Work Project. The Theology of Work Project is an independent organization that produces materials designed to support people in being Christ’s ministers in secular workplaces. Devotionals, meditations, articles, videos, and interviews are among the resources dedicated to supporting people in bringing their Christian faith into their professional lives.

The Theology of Work website addresses the needs of different groups of people. For Christians in the workplace, the website includes materials to help discern about professional choices, materials discussing the Bible’s ideas about work and the Christian faith, examples of people who have integrated their faith into their professional lives, and devotionals for Christians in the workforce.

For pastors and congregations who wish to equip people to live vibrant Christian lives through their professions, the website offers materials to support sermons on these topics, resources for counseling people about work and vocation, ideas about what other congregations are doing in this aspect of ministry, and ideas for leading group discussions on workplace Christianity.

The website also offers to theologians and scholars interested in researching Christina theology and work.

We hope that you investigate this resource and use it to support our mission of going out into the world to love and serve the Lord. Thanks be to God!

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