Just Launched: Radical Sending with Demi Prentiss


Today, we launch Radical Sending with Demi Prentiss For Individuals and For Groups. This class, based on Demi Prentiss’ book Radical Sending: Go to Love and Serve, tells congregations how to focus their parishes’ energy outwards, into the world. Outside in the world is where the real work of Christianity lives.  Our experiences in services in church and in community with one another serve to equip us, nurture us, and prepare us for that work.

In this class, Demi Prentiss covers the concept of radical sending: what it means and what congregations that are called to radical sending tend to do. She discusses the role that congregations play in helping to equip and strengthen one another for the work that we are called to do in the world. She discusses the role of the sending in the Eucharist and its importance for Christians: having been nourished, we are exhorted to go forth to love and serve the Lord. Finally, she discusses ways that Congregations can support one another in our shared work as Christians in the world.

This class is a terrific option for churches that want guidance in shifting their focus as a congregation out into the world and onto the work that we should be doing as individuals in the world. Also, individuals and congregations who liked Stephanie Spellers’ Class Radical Welcoming, or her book Radical Welcome:Embracing God, the Other, and the Spirit of Transformation  might want to investigate this class. The book on which it is based was published as a companion to Spellers’ book, and its themes build on the themes of radical welcome.

For a preview of Radical Sending with Demi Prentiss, please click below.

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