Just Launched: Holy Yoga with Allison LaBianca


If you are interested in pursuing a new type of spiritual discipline, try learning about yoga as a Christian spiritual discipline. Take Holy Yoga with Allison LaBianca For Individuals and For Groups.

In this class, Allison LaBianca, a certified and registered Holy Yoga instructor who has used the discipline to work with trauma victims across the globe, discusses the practice of holy yoga. She discusses the rise of yoga in contemporary Western culture and confronts myths about yoga that concern some Christians. She explains how the practice helps people live out some of the expectations of the Christian life. Finally, she discusses ways in which practitioners of holy yoga adapt the practice as a specifically Christian spiritual discipline.

If you are interested in pursuing a different kind of spiritual discipline, or if you find the idea of practicing yoga as part of your Christian spiritual life, consider taking this class. For a preview, click below.

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