Missed Our Series on Building Racial Justice? Don’t Despair.Your Time Has Been Extended.

It’s true. Our free 5-class series on building racial justice originally was going to remain free only through Lent. But the classes have been so popular, and the subject is so central to the current goals of many mainline church congregations that Trinity Institute has generously offered to sponsor us in offering these classes for free through Pentecost.

The five classes in this series are based on Trinity Institute’s 2016 conference Listen for a Change: Sacred Conversations for Racial Justice. The courses include:
Spirituality and Racial Justice with Michael Curry (also available For Groups)
Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas (also available For Groups)
Reparation and Racial Justice with Jennifer Harvey (also available For Groups)
Theology and Racial Justice with J. Kameron Carter (also available For Groups)
Racism and Racial Justice with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (also available For Groups)

The extended free period will allow congregations time to plan to take these classes in community with one another. Try a series of adult formation offerings on building racial justice, or perhaps interested individuals at your church could meet once every week or month through the next few months and take the classes together that way. Groups outside the church that focus on building social, racial, and economic justice now have time to plan to use them in their work, so please spread the word about them. And of course, anyone what wants to learn on their own about building racial justice who didn’t get a chance to take the classes before may now do so.

Thanks to Trinity Institute for creating this series in partnership with us and for making it possible for us to offer it freely. We hope that the wisdom offered in these classes helps us all to build a better world.







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