Just Launched:How to Become a Christian with Scott Gunn


If you or a friend is interested in becoming a Christian or in deepening your commitment to the Christian faith, consider taking our most recent class: How to Become a Christian with Scott Gunn For Individuals and For Groups.

In this class, Scott discusses the journey towards becoming a Christian and practicing the Christian faith. In Lesson One, he discusses why people become Christians — what calls us to Christianity and why our faith enriches our lives. He goes into the ritual of baptism and how it changes our lives and discusses ways in which Christians should actively engage their faith in their daily lives. Finally, Scott discusses ways in which Christians can grow in faith — how to handle setbacks; how to keep focused on our spiritual journeys; how to support others and allow them to support us.

If you would like to learn more about Christianity, recommit to your faith, or offer a friend some sense of what the contemporary Christian journey involves, consider taking this class. If your church has a program that prepares people for baptism or confirmation, consider using our For Groups class as part of that curriculum.

For a preview of the class, please click below.

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