Just Launched: Lay Eucharistic Ministry 101


Calling all lay Eucharistic ministers, or anyone who wants to engage this ministry! We’ve just launched Lay Eucharistic Ministry 101 with Susan Anslow Williams For Individuals and For Groups.

While priests offer bread to communicants, Lay Eucharistic Ministers often administer wine. This class offers training in the practicalities of offering the chalice to communicants, but it also offers a great deal more.

In this class, students learn about the Biblical foundations of the Eucharist and the history of this ritual, particularly in regards to the distribution of the sacred bread and wine. Susan discusses contemporary practices in relation to the Eucharist across congregations, and why Episcopalians prefer to receive the wine from a common chalice. In addition, she offers training in how to administer the wine and tips for avoiding problems, spills, or drips.

If you are a lay Eucharistic minister, if you want to be one, and particularly if you train lay Eucharistic ministers in your church, this is the class for you. For a preview, please click below.

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