You Are Our Blessing

Untitled design (45)In the past two years, we have seen our mission thrive to bring online Christian learning opportunities into parishes across the nation. We believe that what we do gives people the tools to deepen their understanding and their spiritual lives. Watching you use these tools, ask questions, share ideas, and grow in spirit and learning gives our work its meaning and purpose.

Today, we thank God for those of you who are instructors, whose wisdom offers light in a world that can sometimes seem very dark.

We thank God for the technology, and the people who create it. They offer such unheard-of opportunities for learning and growth.

And most of all, we humbly thank God for you, the Christians who work alongside us, sharing your ideas, exchanging information, working together to grow in understanding of God, God’s creation and one another.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and to those whom you love.



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