Launching Today:The Gospel of Luke with John Lewis

John Lewis

In Latin, “Advent” means “coming.” In the Episcopal lectionary, “Advent” means “Time to read some Luke!” Advent is the Season of Luke, for which reason, we are launching The Gospel of Luke with John Lewis For Individuals and For Groups.

John Lewis is co-director of The Workshop, a Benedictine learning community in San Antonio whose vocation is to help Christians learn to use the Bible to change their lives and communities. He has a Ph.D. from Oxford University focusing on New Testament theology, and he leads many classes and retreats that focus on helping  Christians understand and utilize the Bible in their daily lives.

In this class, Dr. Lewis offers information about the man who wrote the Gospel of Luke, the audience to whom the author was writing, and his reasons for writing this Gospel. Dr. Lewis also discusses important themes in Luke and offers valuable guidance about how to read Luke’s Gospel productively. As we enter the Advent season, we hope that you use this class to help you approach the readings that you will hear and study with greater understanding.

If you wish to investigate this class further, please enjoy the video below. We hope that you have a blessed Advent season as together, we await the coming of Christ

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