Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenk

Tim Schenk

Today, as individuals, families, and congregations prepare to experience Advent, we are launching anew Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenk For Individuals and For Groups. The creator of the extremely popular Lent Madness devotional and writer of Dog in the Manger: Finding God in Christmas Chaos, one of Tim’s great gifts as a priest is helping Christians experience church seasons with energy and devotion. His class is a great resource for people who want to experience a holy Advent.

Advent can be tricky. We want to wait with Mary, look at the stars in wonder with the wise men, hold our breath in anticipation of the miracle that we know will come to Bethlehem. At the same time, parties and parades go on around us and the temptation to spend, spend, spend meets us every time we step out the door or take even the tiniest peek at the internet. How can we reconcile a holy Advent with the holiday season? Tim has some thoughts on this point and some excellent guidance on Advent in general — why we do what we do in church; how to focus our energy on participating in these rituals of waiting for Christ’s birth.

As you consider how you will experience this unique season in your home and in your church, consider using Tim’s class. If you would like to learn more, please enjoy this preview.

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