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On Sunday, we launched Advent: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for individuals and for groups. In this class, Bishop Susan Goff, bishop suffragan of the Diocese of Virginia, recommends taking some time every day to pray for the coming of Christ. Today, I would like to offer some suggestions for online resources that might help you take those few minutes every day to pray during the Advent season. As you consider how you wish to reflect on Jesus’ coming this Advent, you might consider incorporating these resources into your plans.

Loyola Press offers 3-minute retreats, an excellent resource for any Christian who wants to take a short break for prayer and reflectionScreenshot 2015-11-18 10.26.45. The retreats offer music, images,
short reflections, and prompts for prayer.¬†Personally, I have found this resource to be particularly helpful in getting me away from the world’s business and focusing my mind on prayer.

If you find it useful to orient your prayers around daily meditations or reflections, Upper Room Ministries offers Upper Room Daily Reflections, each of which includes a short reflection and then offers prompts for prayer, readings from scripture, and reflections on a saint, which users can utilize as they wish. Users may choose to participate interactively with others or alone, and may, if they wish, sign up to have the reflections sent to them every day through email or download the Upper Room Daily Devotional app. The Forward Movement also offers Forward Day By Day, which includes daily reflections, links to readings, and links to information about saints and prayers related to saints’ days.

I hope that you find these resources useful as you prepare to experience the anticipation and hope of the Advent season. To find out more about what Susan Goff offers in Advent: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, please enjoy this preview of the class.

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