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Lenten Resources

We have written a lot lately about our free five-course 2016 Lenten series on building racial justice, produced in partnership with Trinity Institute. On Sunday, we launched the second class in this series, Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas For Individuals and For Groups. Last week, we offered suggestions for five ways that congregations can use this series to enrich their Lenten programs.

ChurchNext offers many Lenten resources in addition to this series that you can use with your congregation or on your own to support and enhance a holy Lenten experience. For an introduction to Lent, which might be especially useful for church newcomers, try Introducing Lent with Maggie Dawn. Families and educators who support family ministries will find Lent for Families with Kim Baker extremely helpful. Many churches use the Stations of the Cross service during Lent, so you might consider our class, Stations of the Cross with Kathrin Burleson (to be launched this Sunday).

People who wish to implement Lenten disciplines related to daily spirituality might find Everyday Spiritual Practices with Keith Anderson helpful. People who wish to implement spiritual practices into busy schedules during Lent might consider taking How to Pray Online with Karekin Yarian, which suggests some terrific online prayer and meditation resources and discusses their usefulness in our on-the-go culture. People who wish to experiment with new approaches to prayer during Lent might consider Praying with Icons with Randall Warren or Praying with the Saints with Scott Gunn and Tim Schenck (which is also popular with fans of Lent Madness.)

We hope that you will find these suggestions for supporting your Lenten experiences helpful. We also suggest that you browse the catalog; you are likely to find classes there that will fulfill needs specific to your congregation or your individual needs.

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