Just Launched: Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas

Kelly Brown Douglas

Today, we launched Whiteness and Racial Justice with Kelly Brown Douglas For Individuals and For Groups. This is the second course in our five-course Lenten series created in partnership with Trinity Institute. The courses in this series are free throughout Lent of 2016. The first course, Spirituality and Racial Justice with Michael Curry, launched last week. The other three classes in this series will be launched on February 7.

In this course, the Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas examines whiteness as a social construction. What does it mean to be white now, and what did it mean historically? What privileges are associated with whiteness in the U.S., and how did those privileges come to be attached to white people? For Christians, particular questions about whiteness emerge: how did Christians come to embrace privileging white people over people of other races, and what does the Bible have to say about situations like the racially unjust one that persists today in America? Dr. Brown Douglas discusses these questions and many others over the four classes that make up this course.

Dr. Brown Douglas calls this time in our history a kairos time: a time when God moves through the world creating disruption and opportunity for change. We can choose to embrace this opportunity and build a more just world, or we can relax back into business as usual. We encourage you to take this course and others in this series. Use this opportunity in history to build a better world — a world that more closely resembles the one that God wants for us.

To learn more about this course, please watch this preview.

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