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hilaryThe Rev. Dr. Hilary Smith, Rector of the Church of the Holy Comforter in Richmond, VA, uses ChurchNext classes to support Episcopal 101, a class that offers everything a newcomer to the Episcopal Church could want to understand how the church works, what we believe, and what we stand for. Established Episcopalians also sometimes use the class as a refresher.

The Rev. Smith uses several ChurchNext classes to support Episcopal 101, but she is most enthusiastic about How to Be a Crazy Christian with Michael Curry. This class always inspires energy and conversation, and she finds it a great jumping-off point for group discussion. (Anybody familiar with Bishop Curry’s engaging and inspiring style will not find this reaction surprising.)

“I really appreciate it,” the Rev. Smith says of ChurchNext in her parish, “and it’s helped with my teaching in the parish.”

Holy Comforter uses ChurchNext to support other ministries as well — especially to reach out to young families in the congregation who can’t always make in to adult formation or Bible study meetings. The Rev. Smith uses ChurchNext’s parenting classes in particular to support parents of young children and offer them the opportunity to engage in parish community and discussion, even if their parenting obligations do not always allow them to attend events at the church. Anybody who has experienced the peculiar combination of joy and stress that attends young parenthood can understand what it can mean to these parents to have the church reach out and support them in ways that accommodate the unique demands on their time during this period in their lives.

Holy Comforter has used ChurchNext in these and other ways to support its parish life. We would love to hear how ChurchNext has supported your parish! We welcome your comments about how you use ChurchNext in your congregation. In the meantime, please enjoy this preview of How to Be a Crazy Christian with Bishop Curry.

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