Introducing Lutheran Worship with Don Kreiss

Don KreissLutheran worship has a rich and joyful history of forming vibrant communities that have lasting impacts on the world around them.

In this course, Lutheran (ELCA) bishop Don Kreiss helps us understand the foundation of the most common worship service: the Sunday Holy Eucharist by telling us how this experience is broken into four movements Gather, Word, Meal and Send. Click here to learn more about the course and how to take it.

Gather refers to the coming together of worshippers. Word describes the centrality of hearing the scripture and a sermon. Meal highlights the importance weekly communion plays in Lutheran worship. And Send reminds us of the central place of mission in the church.

This course is perfect for those who are new to the Lutheran Church as well as those who have been members for a long time.

The Right Rev. Donald Kreiss served as pastor to several congregations in Michigan before becoming bishop of theLutheran (ELCA) synod of Southeastern Michigan.

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