Our First Congregational Subscriber: Advent Episcopal Church, Michigan

Manisha_pic2-e1345504614849When the idea for congregation-based online learning came across The Rev. Manisha Dostert’s desk, she had two words to say: ‘I’m in.’ In fact, Rev. Manisha’s congregation was the very first to sign up.

Manisha, a Lutheran pastor serving an Episcopal congregation in the northern suburbs of Detroit has been a good friend for years – and her support of this endeavor has been deeply invigorating.

“This program is so opportune for us,” Rev. Manisha says, “Because we need to be able to explain the faith in a place where people are comfortable hearing about it.” Her congregation is includes both Episcopalians and Lutherans who have a deep desire to learn about one another’s traditions. “This is a great tool,” she says, “and we’re really happy with it.”

Rev. Manisha’s enthusiasm led us to an invitation to include her in our introductory video featured on our home page.

Suggestions from Rev. Manisha, “I wish we could take this class with other congregations across the country – so that we could connect with other faith communities.” It’s not here yet Rev. Manisha, but we’re working on it!

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