Creating Common Good 1 with Bishop Julio Murray now available

We’re pleased to launch the first Creating Common Good course in partnership with Trinity Institute. In Creating Common Good 1: Economic Inequality and Injustice, Bishop Julio Murray addresses the inequalities present in economic systems and how these are signs not only of distorted relationships between human beings, but also between God and God’s creation.

jmurrayWhat is the Church’s role in righting this relationship? How can the Church give voice to those who have found creativity in scarcity? How might the Church model a new way of living — living in contentment with enough? ¬†This course challenges, informs, and inspires us as we seek to address the overwhelming problem of economic injustice in our world. ¬†Click here to register or for more information.

The Rt. Rev. Julio Murray is a popular speaker and preacher. He serves as the Anglican bishop of Panama. He is a featured speaker at Trinity Institute 2015; click here to learn more.