New Course: Redemptive Charity with Robert Lupton

How would you feel if you discovered that your well-meant charity project, instead of providing long-term relief and a greater sense of dignity, actually undermined someone’s self-sufficiency and sense of empowerment?  Have you ever thought how it might feel to be on the other end of your mission work?  Do those to whom you minister actually become involved, accepted members of your congregation?

These are the kinds of questions our latest course, Redemptive Charity, raises, and the answers are luptonsometimes unsettling. Robert Lupton has spent the last four decades living and serving within needy communities, and what he’s learned and observed may surprise you. We give and serve because we mean well and we want to help people, but many of our efforts actually end up hurting.  This course helps us reassess our mission and charitable outreach in the hopes that we might redeem our efforts. At the same time, it encourages us to rethink our own motives and practices.

We recommend this course for anyone with a heart for mission and outreach, for congregations, individuals, charitable organizations, and clergy.  Let’s make sure we’re helping those we aim to serve. Click here for more information or to register for this powerful course.

Robert Lupton is a speaker, advocate, and expert in individual and congregational best practices regarding charity work. He is the author of several books including Toxic Charity.