Just Launched — Jesus’ Values: Red Letter Christianity 1

We have just launched Jesus’ Values: Red Letter Christianity 1 For Individuals and For Groups.

This class focuses on identifying what Jesus cared about  by studying his words in the gospels. Since these words are written in red in some bibles, we are calling this course a red-letter Christianity course. The course can be taken on its own or as part one of two. The second part, which will come out in two weeks, examines how Jesus wanted his followers to live out his values.

We speak of following the way of Jesus, but what exactly does that mean? Have you considered how radical Jesus’ values really are? Have you explored whether you and your community are truly living into them and engaging with them in concrete ways?

Larry Stoess has thought a lot about this subject. Larry wrote the book Think Red, an examination of what a community would look like that truly based its choices on the actions and values of Jesus. Larry has lived into these values in his community in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the co-founder of Church of the Promise in Louisville’s Portland neighborhood, The Table Café, a pay-what-you-can community café, and Promise Housing Plus, a non-profit construction company that renovates abandoned homes to create housing opportunities for people in need.

In this course, Larry takes us on a journey of examining Jesus’ values. While not complicated to understand, these values do not fit naturally into our culture. In many ways and contexts, from our societal structures to our personal choices, these values challege us every day of our lives. Larry’svideo lectures include:

  • Relationships
  • Downward Mobility and Human Dignity
  • Radical Generosity
  • Small Beginnings and New Beginnings

This course is ideal for those who want to engage with Jesus’ values in new and deeper ways. For a preview, please click below.


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