Just Launched: Updated Version of Why I Am Not an Atheist with Frank Schaeffer

We just launched an updated version of Why I Am Not an Atheist with Frank Schaeffer For Individuals and For Groups.

Frank Schaeffer is the child of fundamentalist Christians who has spent his adult life writing and speaking about his journey away from fundamentalist belief systems — including atheism. Frank sees atheism as one of the major world religions. What some might think of atheism as a staunch lack of religion, he argues, is its own committed belief system, complete with a faith– a faith that there is no God. Atheists claim the tangible, the scientific, the purely rational as the only means for understanding life and the universe rather than belief in a higher power. Frank believes there are rational arguments for atheism’s being a faith system of its own — one that cannot accommodate many aspects of human experience.

This course focuses on why atheism attracts people, especially in our time, and on those reasons being the ones people generally feel when embracing fundamentalist religious belief systems: impatience with gray areas, a need for clarity, a straightforward set of answers to the questions that hover around human existence. Frank also offers his reasons for preferring non-fundamentalist belief systems (as opposed to either fundamentalist faith systems or atheism, which he views as mirror image born-again experiences) and Christianity in particular.


Frank’s video lectures include:

  • What is Atheism?
  • Why is Atheism So Attractive?
  • Why Does Christianity Make Sense?
  • Why I Am a Christian

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in atheism, who has ever questioned their faith, or who is interested in the relationship between intellectualism and faith. For a preview, please see below.

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