Just Launched: Contemplative Knitting with Julie Cicora

We have just launched Contemplative Knitting with Julie Cicora For Individuals and For Groups.

The Church has some wonderful contemplative prayer practices that have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. Sitting quietly in prayer, walking the labyrinth, praying with beads and other practices are tactile ways for us to delve into silence to discover God.

Julie Cicora has been knitting for more than 50 years. When she discovered that she could connect her passion for knitting with her need for silence in order to deepen her relationship with God, it helped her to develop a consistent prayer practice.

In this course, Julie explains what creating a contemplative practice out of your passion (in this case, knitting) looks like. She discusses best practices for getting started, as well as how to stay on track with your practice when life gets in the way. Finally, Julie connects our practices to the Church seasons and offers creative ways in which we can get in the flow of life with our contemplative creative practices. The benefits of such a practice are manifold: a deeper relationship with God; a pleasurable, tactile practice; and a way to serve others.

This course is ideal for any Christians who like to knit and/or want to learn how to establish a new contemplative practice. For a preview, please click below.



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