Just Launched: Developing a Rule of Life with Hillary Raining

We just launched Developing a Rule of Life with Hillary Raining For Individuals and For Groups.

The Christian rule of life, as a concept, has an unfortunate name. The word “rule” for many people, suggests an unpleasant need to do one thing when they’d rather do another. It also suggests an unpleasant consequence if they don’t follow the rule. Most people don’t voluntarily seek new restrictions or invoke potential negative consequences in lives that already have plenty of demands.

Priest and author Hillary Raining asks us to look at the concept of a “rule” differently when creating a rule of life. Instead of a set of strict regulations, with punitive consequences for those who step out of line, she suggests thinking of a rule of life as a trellis — something helpful and supportive that guides our growth in the direction that we and God think best.

In this class, Hillary explains what a rule of life is and how it can help Christians. She discusses ways to decide what to include in a rule — not a dreary list of regulations to which we “should” adhere, but a dynamic list of choices that excite us; choices that we want to make because we can feel that they give us life. She recommends types of activity to include in a rule of life and ways to create one. Finally, she discusses how to maintain a rule of life in the long term.

This class is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual practices in daily life. For a preview, please click below.

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