Just Launched: Growing Giving in an Online World

We just launched Growing Giving in an Online World For Individuals and For Groups.

As the period of social distancing extends, people are starting to accept that there will be no return to the “normal” we knew before 2020. The world is changing — and the church with it.

What will the church that emerges from this period of strict social distancing look like? How will it have changed? Will we retain the online worship practices that we learned to use during the pandemic? Will we do more socialization or formation work online? How will our ministries, both within the church community and to the wider community change? And how will we fund them?

In this class, Kristine Miller, an internationally recognized consultant on church stewardship, discusses how churches can grow generous congregations — and how they can do it in a world in which both giving and many other other church-based interactions take place online. She talks about ways in which churches are changing during the age of Covid and how their forays into online territory will probably extend beyond the pandemic. She discusses how churches can build healthy relationships with their donors and examines effective ways to ask people to donate in an online context. Her suggestions include using impact stories to show donors how their money builds ministries and ways to use impact stories in online worship and financial appeals. She also suggests ways to measure the effectiveness of the church’s appeals for finances. The final lesson focuses almost entirely on digital stewardship campaigns and how people can run them effectively in the context of online worship.

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about managing stewardship as church becomes, increasingly, a digital experience. For a preview of the course, please click below.

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