Free, Live, 1-Session Class: Using Digital Technology in Churches

We are planning a free, live, 1-session class on ways that churches can use digital technology to help parishioners pray, worship, and study remotely during the Covid-19 crisis. The class will meet for one hour at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. on Thursday, March 26. You can sign up for the class here or just follow this link:

We encourage participants to sign up for the course as well as following the link. Course participants can ask ahead of time for particular subjects to be covered, and the class will include a downloadable PDF of digital resources beyond those we will be able to cover in the live session. The PDF will offer a consolidated list of online resources that should help for different types of ministry and brief descriptions of how they might be useful.

Liz Brignac and Marie Hagan, ChurchNext course designers, will be teaching the class. It will cover digital resources in the following areas:

  • Prayer
  • Family Resources
  • Worship Resources
  • Online Christian Formation (Will include discussion of CN and the ability to BUILD as well as use CN classes)
  • Group meeting/streaming resources

We hope that churches that are currently trying to navigate the many digital options that are out there or that have questions about using these resources will make use of this course.

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