Just Launched: The Living Diet with Martha Tatarnic

We just launched The Living Diet For Individuals and For Groups.

A family celebrates a military member’s homecoming with her favorite meal: pork tamales, rice, and black beans, with her grandmother’s famous tres leches cake for dessert.

A woman and her son make zucchini soup for the family out of the giant zucchini that they grew together in the backyard over the summer.

Old college friends get together 0nce a month to make sure they keep up with each other. They always meet at an Italian restaurant run by one of the friend’s family members and share her homemade pasta dishes and a bottle or two of red wine.

Which of these meals is the most healthful?

According to most diets, probably the zucchini soup. According to the living diet, they are all healthy choices.

In this class, Martha Tatarnic, rector of St. George’s Anglican Church in St. Catharines, Ontario and author of the book The Living Diet: A Christian Journey to Joyful EatingĀ , describes a new approach to food. Traditional approaches to healthy eating focus mainly on the physical and treat individual bodies as separate from the community and from their surroundings — like machines that need certain kinds of fuel in order t to function. The living diet, however, takes as its premise that people are connected to the world through what they eat. We take in energy from the plants and animals we consume, and we make choices that connect us to one another and to the world around us in different ways depending on the approach we take to eating.

In this course, Martha describes ways in which we can build physical, spiritual and emotional health by acknowledging and building our relationships through our choices about food. Lesson one identifies unhealthy eating patterns in our culture — patterns inherent in traditionally healthy diets as well as in fast food and the like — and identifies their root cause. Lesson two discusses Jesus as a model for eating according to the living diet. Lesson three talks about what it means to eat according to the living diet and why eating that way involves a series of healthy choices. Lesson four explains what healthy approaches to food look like on the living diet, with examples, and contrasts it to traditional definitions of healthy eating.

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in food, building community, or healthy living. For a preview of the course, click here.

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