Just Launched: Introducing Spiritual Direction with Michelle Dayton

St AnthonyWe just launched Introducing Spiritual Direction with Michelle Dayton For Individuals and For Groups.

Christian spiritual direction dates as far back as the fourth- and fifth-century desert fathers and mothers, whom early Christians petitioned for spiritual guidance. St. Benedict codified the spiritual mentoring of novices by older, more experienced monks into his Rule — the guidelines by which Benedictine monks chose to live. Spiritual direction became a key feature in monastic life. For centuries, Christians have offered each other directed spiritual guidance. In the mid-twentieth century, developments in psychology and counseling combined with growing parishioner needs for individualized spiritual guidance led to a resurgence of interest in spiritual direction and a change in the ways in which Christians practiced this discipline.

In this course, spiritual director and trainer of spiritual directors Michelle Dayton discusses contemporary spiritual direction: what it is (and is not) and what it can do. She offers an overview of the practice, discusses the various methods that people use in practicing spiritual direction. describes what often happens in one-on-one spiritual direction sessions, and explains the role of the spiritual director in relation to the participant. She also discusses times in Christian lives when people often find spiritual direction particularly beneficial.

We hope that this overview will help people who are interested in learning more about spiritual direction discern whether the practice might help them listen for God moving in their lives.

For a preview of the class, please click here.

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