Just Launched — From Palace to Public Square: The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry

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We have just launched our most recent Big Class — and our first course as a ministry of Forward Movement. The course is entitled From Palace to Public Square: The Way of Love with Michael Curry.

Curry Headline 3Bishop Curry’s royal wedding sermon “The Power of Love” garnered much attention from the press and on social media both during and after the wedding. The sermon’s main theme was that love has true power in the world — the love of  a couple getting married; the love of neighbor; the love of God. Bishop Curry preached in the African-American Curry Headline 1tradition, which was new to many of he people who watched the wedding. Both the content and the style of the sermon inspired discussion and provoked passionate responses.


Some argued that Bishop Curry’s message was exactly what our world needs to hear.

Some were inspired to see Bishop Curry preach so powerfully in the African-American tradition from the pulpit at a British royal wedding.

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And some enjoyed trying to interpret reactions from the congregation at a preaching style with which many were unfamiliar.

Bishop Curry’s sermon, in short, drew a great deal of attention and moved many who heard it. In this course, Bishop Curry discusses the experience of preaching at the royal wedding and the content of his sermon. He talks about how he creates sermons and how he used both a specific text from and the structure of The Song of Solomon as the basis for this one. He talks about the type of platform that this response to his “Power of Love” sermon has made available and how he wants the church to use that platform to offer a positive, non-judgmental, loving evangelism. Finally, he discusses the Jesus Movement, how it fits in with the message he wants to offer the world, and its place in the church.

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in the Jesus movement, respectful evangelism, the royal wedding, or Michael Curry. For a preview of the course, please click here.

Image 1: Image: Bishop Curry preaching at the royal wedding. REUTERS/Owen Humphreys. Used with permission.

Image 2: People watching Bishop Curry preach at the royal wedding on a screen at Windsor. Photo credit: Matthew Davies/Episcopal News Service. Used with permission.

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  1. The Discussion Questions document has a typo. The wrong course is listed as the subheader. Instead of “Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Conflict…” it should be “From Palace to Public Square…”

    Liz Otteson
    Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
    Adult Learning Program Assistant

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