Resource: Holy Week Online Classes and Retreats

Last week, we updated you on online stations of the cross devotions that you might find useful during Holy Week. Today, we’re offering some suggestions for ChurchNext courses and online retreats that you might use during Holy Week. We hope you find these helpful.

ChurchNext Courses: We offer several courses that you can use to enrich your Holy Week.

  • Any of David Lose’s three classes on Making Sense of the Cross would be a good Painting 1focus for contemplation. Try Making Sense of the Cross Part 1 (which focuses on understanding the cross through experience), Making Sense of the Cross Part 2 (which focuses on understanding the cross through the gospels), and Making Sense of the Cross Part 3 (which focuses on Christian theories about the cross).
  • You also might enjoy Kathrin Burleson’s Praying the Stations of the Cross, in which artist Kathrin Burleson discusses and reflects on her series of fourteen paintings representing the Stations of the Cross.
  • And of the classes in our free Lenten curriculum Luke the Liberator would be a useful addition to Holy Week. These were developed as a resource for the Good Book Club as well as for anyone who is interested in learning more about Luke’s gospel. They are free until the end of Lent.

Online Holy Week Retreats: Here are two Holy Week retreats available online:

  • A blog called Pins of Light has offered popular online Holy Week retreats for the past ten years. This year’s retreat is connected with a musical called Chosen, but they aren’t being forthcoming with details about it. We’ll update if/when we learn more about it.
  • Creighton University offers a Holy Week retreat as part of its Lenten Retreat series. The retreat includes suggested readings, reflections, suggestions for prayers, the Stations of the Cross, and an opportunity to reflect and share thoughts with others.
  • offers a series of online retreats throughout Lent. They offer this one  for Holy Week.


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