Ways to Use ChurchNext During Advent

Advent candlesWe appear to be kind of obsessed with Advent here at ChurchNext. We’ve created four courses about it so far (and someone had a good idea for another one the other day). That’s more courses than we’ve created for any other season of the church year.

That being the case, when it comes to Advent, if you need it, we’ve got it. Do you have parishioners who aren’t sure what Advent involves? Offer them Introduction to Advent with Tim Schenck.  Feel like exploring ways to celebrate Advent with your family and teach your kids about Advent? Try Advent for Families with Heath Howe. Experiencing the familiar frustration of trying to walk the line between the secular Christmas frenzy of December and the self-denial associated with a Christian Advent? Let Bishop Susan Goff advise you in her course Advent: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Do you frequently feel like you miss out on Advent entirely what with all the seasonal excitement of December? Try A 7-Week Advent with Stephen Smith.

You can use these courses in Adult Forum. You can suggest them to small groups — newcomers to The Episcopal Church, for example, might appreciate a chance to take Tim Schenck’s course. Parenting groups might like Advent for Families. Or perhaps you can suggest Bishop Goff’s course to parishioners who are struggling for balance during this season and encourage them to take it on their own.

We hope that these courses help you and your fellow parishioners experience a spiritually rich Advent season. Blessings in the coming weeks as we anticipate the birth of Jesus into a tired world that needs him.




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