Just Launched: Ministry with Flowers with Linda Roeckelein

We just launched Ministry with Flowers with Linda Roeckelein For Individuals and For Groups.

Church interiors utilize elements from the created world to elevate worship. We pour holy water into fonts, illuminate the altar with flames; filter sunlight through stained glass windows. Our tradition of decorating the altar and other parts of the church with flowers and greenery falls into this pattern. We stimulate our minds into sacred contemplation by meditating on the beauty and artistry of creation; by using flowers and water and fire in symbolic rituals; by using artistry to emulate and celebrate the Creator.

In this course, Linda Roeckelein, who has headed the Washington National Cathedral Flower Guild for decades and has taught many courses on flower arrangement in churches, discusses the ministry of arranging flowers for worship. This is not an instructional course on creating arrangements of church flowers, but rather a discussion of the art of arranging flowers for worship — how the floral arrangers find their materials; why they engage in this art; why and how churches use flowers in liturgy; what tools the artists use; practical details that they must consider.

We hope that Linda’s passion for flowers and love of this ministry inspire those who engage this ministry as much as her wisdom and experience help with practical matters concerning materials and tools.

For a preview of Linda’s course, click here.



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