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Why would they do this to me-Those of you who have been using ChurchNext for a while may have noticed that the page for your church’s school has changed a bit in the past month or two.

Pathwright (our dauntless online education platform) has updated the platform, and the result is that it should be easier in the long term for you to add classes, add members, etc. to your courses.

In the short term, however, those comfortable with the old ways — the ancient traditions that go back at least a couple of years — may be wondering something along the lines of “What’s going on?” or “Why did they change it?” while getting used to the new formats for adding courses, inviting participants, etc.

ChristinaFear not! Behold: a new manual to help you figure out anything that might have changed. We bring you the new Getting Started manual. Written by the hand of one Mrs. Christina Dorn, ChurchNext tech guru extraordinaire, this updated manual should tell you anything you need to know as you adjust to our transition.

If you have any problems that the manual does not answer, pleaseĀ email us at .



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