Just Launched: Family Faith Formation with John Roberto



We just launched Family Faith Formation with John Roberto For Individuals and For Groups.

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Sunday school has changed a lot over the years. From the quiet discussion of Bible stories and memorizing of Bible verses that it involved decades ago, it has become a dynamic, age-appropriate resource involving crafts, computer technology, illustrated children’s Bibles, skits, children’s devotions, and colorful craft projects.


Yet in its most essential aspect, our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ approach to religious education resembles ours. Although we outsource many elements of children’s education that were once taught at home (preschool education, sports games, swimming, music lessons), families remain the main source of religious education for their children.

In this course, John Roberto discusses the essential role that families take in raising children in the Christian faith. Because families are such important agents of faith formation, he argues, churches need to reach out to the families rather than just expecting them to come to church or to depend on the church to educate children in faith.  In this course, John Roberto identifies ways to use technology to offer Christian parenting resources through websites that curate webinars, podcasts, online learning and other technological advances to help families with faith formation work. He discusses ways to match this material to the needs of families in the community and to encourage those families to utilize these resources.

We hope that you will use this course to re-imagine your church’s approach to family faith formation in exciting ways. For a preview, click below.

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Image : 1946 Sunday School in Lejunior, Kentucky. Public Domain. 
Image: Vacation Bible School at U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys at Humphreys American School in Korea. Used with permission through Creative Commons.

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