Announcing Our Next Big Class: What Would Luther Do Today? with Elizabeth Eaton


From January 16-30 2017, people across the world can take What Would Luther Do in 2017? with Elizabeth Eaton free of charge.

Elizabeth Eaton is Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America luther(E.C.L.A.). It’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about Martin Luther — not to mention about practicing theology in the world of 2017. Who better to offer guidance as to what Martin Luther — that relentless, passionate, blunt, and gregarious theologian who knew better than most how to use the social media of his time — would act today? And how he would encourage other Christians to act?

The Big Class offers  participants multiple advantages: not only can you take a class with an excellent instructor free of charge, but you can talk about the issues that she raises with other students across the world. Big Class discussions always offer rich food for conversation and contemplation; that’s a big reason that we enjoy offering them when we can.

The class is a series of video lectures, quizzes, and discussions. No special software is required; all you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access. It will take an average learner about 45 minutes to complete. Registration is free and open to all. Click here to learn more. 

We would like to thank to 1517 Media and United Lutheran Theological Seminary for making it possible for ChurchNext to offer this course.

For a preview of the course, please click below.

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