Need a Break? Take a 3-Minute Retreat



As the pressures of a busy fall combine with the outsize frustration of a vitriolic election season, you might benefit from short spiritual rest breaks. Try Loyola Press’s free 3-minute online retreats.

A ministry of the Jesuits, Loyola Press has created a short online break from your day. A standard 3-minute retreat uses an image and soothing music. It suggests deep breathing and centering attention. It then offers a verse from Scripture, a short meditation on the passage, and some questions for reflection.

You go through the exercise at your own pace, pressing a “Continue” button when you are ready to move on. You can choose to use or silence the music. If you prefer to use a smartphone or tablet for your meditation, you can get the 3-minute retreat app at the App store for apple products or at Google play for Androids.

The spiritual refreshment is surprisingly effective given how short the experience is. To give it a try, click below.




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