10,000 Students and Counting

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The first image in the first course we ever launched: How to Forgive with Dr. Virginia Holeman.

Back in the summer of 2013, ChurchNext launched its first courses. We wanted to give people a unique opportunity to learn and to talk about matters of faith with Christians in our own congregations and across the world. We wanted to make available to anyone who cares to learn the wisdom of today’s Christian thinkers. We wanted to use the technologies available to us today to encourage people to deepen their engagement with their faith.

As of this week, 10,000 students have registered with our platform. Actually, with the two who registered the other day, we’re up to 10,003.

10,003 people who have found this opportunity and used it to learn more about our shared

The first line spoken in the first class we ever launched--If you've had a frontal lobotomy, it's possible to forgive and forget. You forget a lot of other things too.--Dr. Virginia Holeman (2)

The first words spoken in the first class we ever launched.

faith. 10,003 people who have been touched by new ideas, who have discussed topics that they might not have engaged otherwise. That’s exciting.

We believe that we are doing God’s work when we create these classes and let you know about them. We believe you are doing God’s work when you engage them and use them to grow in your faith.

We thank you for joining us in this ministry. We thank our instructors for offering their time, talent, and ideas for us to share with the Christian community. We invite you to keep growing with us as we work together with the grace of God to create a better and wiser world.



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