Just Launched: My Church is Not Dying with Greg Garrett


Today, we launched My Church is Not Dying with Greg Garrett For Individuals and For Groups.  Much has been made in the media of the decline of mainstream churches in America. Greg Garrett, however, notes that the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

In this class, Greg discusses the reasons for the decline in members of the mainline Christian churches. He examines a paradigm shift that has changed the church’s place in society and notes that the church has not yet adjusted its ways of interacting with the community in response. He calls for a change in the way the American church relates to American culture.

At the same time, he calls for these churches to utilize the great blessings that they have been given — to make sure that we retain and celebrate those aspects of our church communities as we learn new ways of interacting with the culture as a whole.

Greg Garrett is a prolific author and lecturer and an English Professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  He is also a lay preacher in the Episcopal Church. Greg has published many articles and over twenty books, including My Church Is Not Dying, published in April, 2015. He writes “Faithful Citizenship,” a weekly column at Patheos on religion and politics.

For a preview of Greg’s class, please click here.


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